Day Two: Podcasts

I am in my car a lot. I spend on average two hours a day just on my commute alone. To get through the long stretches of boringness I’ve turned to podcasts to fill my time. Once you’ve learned every song on the radio you’ve got to do something before you go crazy.

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The Anniversary nobody wants to celebrate

Five years ago I received a text from my mom saying Emily was in Brain Surgery. She had been in a car accident and it was serious. I was in the middle of filming commercials for my college’s Freshman Orientations. I was an Orientation Leader and the first orientation was happening in a few weeks. I stepped out of filming and called my mom. I was upset, why would she play this kind of joke. How could she send a text to tell me this information. Why didn’t she call, I thought?

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Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog! I have always wanted to have a blog, but was never able to grasp what I would even blog about. Well… here I am blogging. I still have no idea what to blog about or where this is going to take me, but let the adventure begin.


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