Day Two: Podcasts

I am in my car a lot. I spend on average two hours a day just on my commute alone. To get through the long stretches of boringness I’ve turned to podcasts to fill my time. Once you’ve learned every song on the radio you’ve got to do something before you go crazy.

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31 Days of Blogging

The Holiday Season for me always brings on so much reflection. Reflection of the past year and the new year to come. One of the big things I have been reflecting on is my blog. I have so many ideas, concepts, and thoughts I was to share, but for one reason of another I just never get around to posting. My drafts folder is overflowing with blog posts that are left for dead.

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Brittany + Nick

I had such a blast photographing Brittany and Nick’s family photos for them this year. Brittany and Nick met in college and were married last year in a beautiful Chattanooga ceremony. They have had photos made for a few years now for their Christmas cards, but this is their first family photo shoot at a married couple (besides their wedding photos of course).

We headed up to Signal Mountain to get those perfect fall leaved shots. Their two pups, Harper and Wimbledon made taking their family photos even more precious. Although the dogs wanted to be in every photo, I managed to convince them to let me get a few of just Mom and Dad.

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