Advice for the College Grad

A year ago today I walked across a stage to get my college diploma. It was the realization of 4.5 years of hard work and now I have some advice for all you new grads in your first job. 

1) Your first job will (most likely) not be your dream job. It’s takes years and years of work to get where you want to be. Don’t give up, it just takes time. 

2) You do not have to wait for your boss to leave work before you can leave for the day. If you are completing assigned tasks there is not reason to wait for your boss. Most of the time they wouldn’t even notice if you are still there when they leave.

3) You DO need to get to work on time. Time is money and If you are constantly late to work you are losing money, and it makes you look bad. Always live by the train rule. Leave with enough time to get where you are going to if you got stopped by a train. 

4) Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you have a question someone will have the answer. If after 30 mins you can’t figure out the answer on how to do something yourself. Ask someone.

5) A degree does not make you any better than anyone. A degree helps to prepare you for work in your field, but actually putting everything to work is another story. So learn from those more experienced and never assume you know more just because you have a college degree. 

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