Two weeks & Seven Pounds Later

It’s update time!!! I know it’s not as exciting as mail time *insert Blue’s Clues song* but I do have some very exciting news to share. I have lost SEVEN pounds! Yes you read that right, a whole seven pounds since I started the Ketogenic diet almost two weeks ago. How did I do it […]

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What the Keto? 

Ketogentics, ever heard of it? No? Yeah me too until last week I had no idea what it was. Basically it is a high fat, low carb and moderate protein diet. It means you can eat bacon, eggs and butter all day and still lose weight and be healthier. Sounds too good to be true […]

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Chattanooga, I love you

It’s been a little over a year since I moved to Chattanooga and let me tell you I love it! This city has given me so much more than I could’ve ever expected. This past weekend I feel in love with this city all over again when my best friend, Nicole, came to visit. Follow […]

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Fresh Flowers

Sometimes you need something fresh, something with color, with beauty, with life. Sometimes you need some flowers to lift your spirits, your soul, your smile. Sometimes it’s all you need and sometimes it’s more. 

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  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Holidays! Its possibly the best time of year. It is a time full of family, friends and food. The other part of the holidays that makes it so glorious is the decorating. This year my friends and I decided to have a Friendsgiving dinner. I volunteered to host and […]

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Advice for the College Grad

A year ago today I walked across a stage to get my college diploma. It was the realization of 4.5 years of hard work and now I have some advice for all you new grads in your first job.  1) Your first job will (most likely) not be your dream job. It’s takes years and […]

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Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog! I have always wanted to have a blog, but was never able to grasp what I would even blog about. Well… here I am blogging. I still have no idea what to blog about or where this is going to take me, but let the adventure begin.

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